-Length: 206mm
-Magnification: 20x
-Image: Erect
-Resolving power: 4.5″
-Minimum collination distance: 0.9m
-Stadia ratio: 1:100
-Stadia additive constant(mm) : 100
-Horizontal circle: 90 degree
-Measuring Range: Height= 0 to 5m(with BAS55),0 to 2m (with barcode tape staff)
Distance= 2.0 to 50m(with BAS55),0.9 TO 30m(with barcode tape staff)
-Minimum display :Height 1mm,Distance 1cm
-Acccuracy(with BAS55):Height Electronic measurement= 2.0mm at 30m away,Visual measurement= 2.0mm at 30m away
Distance Electronic measurement=less than 10m +/- 10mm or less,Visual measurement=distance not prescribed
-Power :2xAA size dry cell batteries
-Working duration: Approx 120 hours(at 20 degree cecius)
-LCD: 7 digits X 2 lines segment display
-Keyboard: 6keys
-Circular level sensitivity: 8’/2mm
-Operating temperature range: -20 to 50 degree celcius
-Storage temperature range :-30 to 70 degree celcius
-Dimensions :123x206x137mm(WxLxH)
-Weight :1.3kg (with battery)


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