Total Station – GeoMax Zoom10

*Angle measurements
-Accuracy : 2” (0.6 mgon)

*Distance measurements
-Reflectorless range : 350m
-Kodak white reflectorless: ≥350m
-Reflective sheet :800m
-Single prism :3,000m
-Three prism :6,000m

-System :Dual-axis
-Accuracy :1″

-Magnification :30X
-Field of View:1°20′ (2.3m at 100m)
-Minimum focusing distance : 1.5m
-Reticle :Illuminated

-Interface :Standard RS232, SD card, USB drive with micro USB, Bluetooth®
-Internal data Memory :Approx. 20,000 points
-Data format :ASCII

-Keyboard :2 sides alphanumeric backlit rubber keyboard
-Display High resolution backlight black and white display with contrast adjustment
Graphics: 280 x 160 pixels
Character: 6 lines x 25 characters
-Data recording: 1 GB internal memory,removable SD card and USB stick
-Operating system :Dedicated onboard software
*Physical specifications
-Operating temperature :-20° C to 50° C
-storage temperature :-40° C to 70° C
-Protection class :IP54 dust and waterproof rating

*Power supply
-Internal battery :ZBA10, removable Li-Ion 3 Ah / 7.4 V
-Operating time :10-16 h*


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